The smartest marketers and most successful companies in any category understand what it means to consistently build their brand image and brand equity. Equally important, they choose a marketing/advertising partner who understands the power of branding across every aspect of their marketing efforts. We are fortunate to work with companies and have clients who rely on our branding knowledge and expertise. The Peoples Bank is just one example of the brands we’re helping to build with a competitive and consistent messaging strategy across all elements of their program.

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An orange is an orange is an orange UNLESS of course, that orange happens to be a Sunkist Orange! A brand that over 80% of consumers know and prefer when given the choice.

If you’d like to give your brand THE FULL POWER OF BRANDING, please give us a call. We’d welcome the opportunity to show you ALL the things you can do to build your brand and keep it TOP OF MIND!

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                                                                                                                                                                               We can help you keep your employees and customers safe with FDA approved disposable or reusable masks, gloves, gowns, thermometers and hand sanitizing products as well as many other PPE supplies you may need. PLEASE call Tim at 770-335-8662 or email to discuss your specific PPE needs, quantities and delivery dates so we can secure your product allocations ASAP. We understand how important these items are to protecting your employees and customers and we’ll exceed your service expectations.

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Like many who read this, you will chuckle at this statement because you know it’s most often true but you rarely want it to apply to you and your special project or sudden critical deadline. However, poor planning is typically the culprit that leads to rushed creative/production schedules resulting in weaker ideas, lower quality and higher prices.

We can help you and your team develop strategies and a realistic plan that leads to better ideas, higher quality finished products or more successful programs. Anyone who is actively involved in the creative process can appreciate and will lobby for a reasonable amount of time to discuss, brainstorm, debate, develop and refine concepts and ideas to their full potential. So it’s not happenstance that the best ideas and the most successful campaigns result from decisions based on good planning, good insights, good thinking and a reasonable amount of time versus poor planning and a desire to check one more item off your TO DO list.

We can help your team become better planners, which will lead to more effective marketing programs with fewer changes and lower overall costs.

There’s great truth to the saying, QUALITY is remembered long after price is forgotten!


We’d welcome the opportunity to learn more about your brand’s goals, aspirations and challenges and give you a fresh perspective!

Give us a call or shoot us an email to schedule a no obligation discussion. All of our clients are glad they did!

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