BullsEye Group Could Be the Right Partner for You…….

  • If you want to work with seasoned marketing communications professionals who can quickly put their diverse experience to work creating more impactful communications.
  • If you want an objective and honest opinion versus someone telling you what you want to hear or taking an order.
  • If you want a planning partner who can help you proactively develop an integrated plan versus doing everything in a rush and reactively.
  • If  you want to increase the RETURN on your marketing investment versus wondering where all your budget is going.
  • If you want reasonable and flexible compensation agreements.
  • If you need help with current projects but can’t afford a long learning curve.
  • If you need someone to be the “protector of your brands’ identities” making sure every visual and verbal component of your program are presented consistently.
  • If you are looking for a responsive, honest marketing partner who will deliver exceptional value.
  • If you want to make your job easier and have fun in the process.

What Clients Say

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tim and the Bullseye Group for over sixteen years. Bullseye has helped position Omya as a leader and innovative partner to the industries we serve in the Americas region providing marketing communications support that includes print and digital ads, sales literature, trade shows, direct mail, and editorial content.

BullsEye’s approach is one that helps us really understand what we are trying to say, and then builds a program that presents our messages in a creative but relevant manner that continually stands out among our competitors and peers.”
Steve Stueck, Director of Marketing, Omya Americas

“My first experience with Tim and the Bullseye Group team was in 1998 and I am still using them over 20 years later. I have used them to rebrand three different companies that I launched and have also retained them for ongoing marketing and advertising for a number of client companies I manage.

Their ability to truly position and re- image a company with everything from naming, logos, corporate identity and taglines to corporate/product brochures, print media, website development and social media management is unheralded. Tim and his team ‘get it’ and they move quickly and effortlessly between industries.”
Ron Turcotte, CEO and Managing Partner, Cratos Advisors

“Bullseye Group has been an instrumental part of our marketing team and our rebranding initiatives for several product lines over the last 15 years. Not only have they continually brought fresh, relevant material to the table, they understand our market on an intimate level and as a result have helped us transform one of our largest brands from a lower price value brand to a premium, industry leading brand.”
Nate Treadaway, President, BPI Outdoors–parent company to CVA, PowerBelt, Quake and Bergara brands