Only the largest companies have full time staff in key marketing and advertising roles, which means the majority of companies have no formal marketing staff and/or minimal marketing and advertising training or skills on staff. Marketing and Advertising professional service firms vary in size, capabilities and specialties but if you want your company’s brand to be presented professionally and smartly to grow your sales, the smartest CEOs and owners place this responsibility in the hands of outside marketing and advertising professionals NOT the President’s Executive Assistant or the marketing intern you hired after college because they’re great at social media and can update the website. Marketing and advertising are critical to the success of every company so if you believe this, then hire an experienced professional, set clear objectives, hold them accountable and MAKE THEM AN INTEGRAL PART OF YOUR MANAGEMENT TEAM! If you hire the right person/firm and treat them like a partner in your business, your ROI will soar! Lastly, the smartest executives understand that marketing/advertising is an investment in the business’s future NOT an expense.