The joke goes that an old corporate ad manager once said “I know half of my advertising is really working but I’m just not sure which half.”

The most successful companies and the strongest brands treat their brand image with reverence doing what’s needed every day to position their brand and present their brand’s visual and verbal elements with consistency and conviction. They are religious about building and protecting their brand. ARE YOU?

With constantly changing personnel, objectives, budgets and strategies, it’s easy for any company to become complacent about protecting their brand image and brand personality. However, the strongest brands and leaders in any category DON’T! In addition to regular feedback from key customers and prospects another easy way to occasionally test the IMPRESSION your brand is making is to collect samples of every piece of marketing, advertising, promotional or sales materials your company has created and display it on a wall we call THE FACE OF YOUR BRAND. You will immediately see what’s making a good or bad impression for your brand so you can determine what’s needed to correct the mess or build upon the great brand you’re building. We are big believers in being our clients BRAND PROTECTORS and AMBASSADORS and every company needs as many internal Brand Ambassadors as possible to get the absolute most out of every marketing $$ being spent.